Children & Adolescents

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Children’s emotional worlds, like all of ours, affect everyday lives and we promote positive mental health by encouraging children to face a problem, talk about it and develop independent thinking, resilience and greater autonomy through belief in themselves. Our children and adolescent counselling service is tailored to every child’s unique needs.

By giving children tools needed to cope and steer their way through school and beyond, children who present as angry, anxious or depressed are able to find ways to ease the distress and regulate their behaviours to much more positive and rewarding ones.

  • We are passionate about helping children and young people to access the support and the tools needed to improve their lives.
  • Many young people struggle with mental health conditions and challenges in life, from bullying to grief and loss. Counselling provides the opportunity and the safe environment, away from their school or home life, where they often can feel less pressure and share their concerns, worries and stories.
  • We use varying methods to help them express themselves, depending on their age, situation, and development. This may include play, art, drawing, sand tray, or figures as metaphors, or older children may prefer talking therapy or a mixture of both.
  • We are able to work intuitively with the young people and their needs and find what works for them, within the sessions.

Common areas young people are affected by are:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sexuality
  • School
  • Relationships
  • Self Harm
  • Substance Abuse
  • Body image
  • Anger
  • Abuse
  • Grief and loss
  • Eating disorders
  • Exam stress
  • ​​Bullying

You can find out more about different mental health issues at Pyshcology Today’s website, a trusted source of information surrounding mental health issues.

We have worked with young people with ADHD and ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) they have been able to focus better with sensory objects and have sometimes needed more space or to walk around in sessions.

​We monitor and evaluate our work as counsellors throughout sessions. This is able to show that children are receiving therapeutic support which brings about a happier and more resilient child, with better coping skills. In reviewing our work, we are able to make sure the young person is making progress and working in a way that is best supporting them.

A few of our evaluation comments are on the Feed Back page from the young people we have worked with through our children and adolescent counselling services.

children and adolescent counselling room

Our Children’s Therapy Room

Our colourful and playful children’s counselling room is an essential space that provides a safe and interactive environment for our young clients to express their thoughts and emotions. This specially designed room is equipped with various therapeutic toys, art supplies, and comfortable seating arrangements, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Moreover, the room is specifically tailored to the developmental needs of children, allowing them to engage in age-appropriate activities that promote self-expression, communication, and emotional growth.

  • A number of different sensory objects which can often help neuro-diverse children focus whilst talking.
  • Various toys appropriate for different ages to help children communicate their emotions through play and metaphors.
  • Art supplies that can be used for practical exercises, workshops and self-expression.
  • Therapeutic tools such as sand trays, interactive cards, and doll houses.